Jan 172017


Striving for the unattainable perfection of tomorrow is like a hampster running a wheel and going nowhere.  Fast.

I have a new grace filled, hope filled, peace filled picture as I fight for Jesus to take hold of me in my day rather than the anxiety which has plagued me in the past.  Visualize this clip:

“A little girl dressed in white, strolling on the beach with colored vibrancy from the Son/sun and blues, whites, and creams textured beneath.  She kicks up the sand, hand in hand with her heavenly Father.  He stoops down to be at her level.  And she is unaware she should have a care, because of the where-in which she has chosen to be”.

This is where I want to be.  Today.  And everyday.  On this ALL love, no expectations, only grace filled walk with my Father throughout the day.  Because I have struggled with anxiety in the past, I continue to rely on God to free me from this tendency to worry.  And because I am learning to walk in my “freedom beach walk with God”, I have a heart to pray for others in similar chains.  The Lord “puts in my path” others with my similar anxiety struggle and just this week I prayed for God to release His peace to guard the hearts and minds of 3 friends in my same boat.  So if you are in this pattern of guilt/worry/stress/anxiety hampster wheel, I.  Get.  You.  And would love to pray for you (send me an email or comment below my blessed sister).

Because sometimes, you need to stop the running to begin the thriving.

P.S.  For my friends with clinical diagnosis’ of depression and anxiety and bi polar and others, please hear this message with hope and not discouragement:  Do I believe we live in a fallen world with troubles and chemical/biological ailments that plague us?  Yes.  Do I believe we have a sovereign God who uses the wisdom and medicine of doctor’s as a part of His plan and purposes for us?  Yes.  Am I trying to say if you only do the below 3 steps what you struggle with will be gone forever? Not necessarily.  But I am saying we serve a God who is the God of all hope, a God who is faithful, and a God who is the ultimate healer.

 So Lord, today, meet my friends who have not been relieved of this biological struggle with anxiety.  Meet them in their frustration, questions, and fears in the unknown.  Thank you that you promise to never leave or forsake us.  You are the Omnipresent God, with me right now and with each of my Sister’s in Christ who are hurting right now.  Here’s the deal:  We are ready to be used by You, in all our given ailments and troubles, for.  Your.  Glory.  No matter what you choose to give or what you choose to take away.  Your.  Will.  Be.  Done.  And we praise Your Name today, because You are worthy of it.  Thank you for your true Word and Spirit which is THE Solid Rock we stand on in times of unknowns.  And we “press on to win the goal to which we are called heavenword in Christ Jesus.”  And today-we “fix our eyes on You, Jesus” for the next step we have in Your powerful Name.  Amen

3 “anxiety free/peace for me” steps with Jesus in 2017:

  1. “Your day, Your way” saying to start the day– before my feet hit the floor each morning this is my mental mantra.  Spending time in God’s Word, even if it is one verse, for 1 min before the “have to’s” begin WILL.  BEAR.  FRUIT-Lasting fruit, Kingdom fruit, lifegiving fruit, in which our God dictates the day’s happenings and we respond to His Spirit’s leading.  But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Matthew 6:33
  2. REFUSE to RESUSE the worry thoughts of the enemy-When the “worry monster” begins to fill our thoughts, we say, “No way!”  Satan may be cunning and persistent, but he is more than predictable.  He tries the “same old negative, doubt filled, hopeless filled”/ areas we are weak in attacks to derail us from our “walk on the beach with God”.  WE.  CAN.  CHOOSE. what true, lifegiving thoughts we will think on today-Choose the “Way, truth and the life”/Jesus thoughts! We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ. 2 Corinthians 10:5 and …whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. Philippians 4:8
  3. Recognize His Perfect Peace Doesn’t involve the “Being Perfect Piece”-Since we serve THE Prince of Peace, who gives to ALL believer’s freely, we need only recognize we WILL NOT find relief in looking to some “keeping up with the Jones’s” item of this world or “if I only”/comparing our bodies or personalities to someone else, or expectations for perfection in any given area.  Our identity is as a HIGHLY valued Daughter of the King and it is ONLY in receiving His “forever-like Christmas present” of peace amidst the worlds troubles which we find rest.  Pray “Jesus Your peace” in. the.  very.  moment.  you feel anxiety.  And then, “trust in the Lord with all your, and lean not on your own understanding” (Prov 3:5) as He begins to bring healing and hope for your mind, body, and Spirit.  Get off the “hampster wheel” of anxiety which gets you nowhere and grab Your Father God’s all knowing/all loving “sand hand”, Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.  Matthew 6:34 and Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  John 14:27

Are you currently struggling with negative swirling thoughts or an inability to find rest and peace in the busyness of the day?  Our God wants to meet you and give you His peace, will you ask Him for it and ask another to pray for you?  

What in your life are you trying to control and it’s not working?  What can you let go of today to be able to let God be God and you practice a deepening trust in His timing and will?  (I would love to pray for you personally, but also know you are gettin’ prayed for sister, by me, whether you like it or not-“May His freedom, peace and grace be yours as you “beach walk” with your heavenly Father, today”.)

What area do you have high expectations, close to the need to be perfect in, and what is your process for handling when things are not “perfect”?  What new system can you implement to hear God’s true words of “therefore there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus” and act upon this rather than the world’s, others or your own pressures you are striving for?





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Oct 012014

“Not so fast.  You can no more show me your works apart from your faith than I can show you my faith apart from my works.  Faith and works, works and faith, fit together hand in glove.”  James 2:18-19 (the Message)

It was a typical Wednesday.  Making my girls’ bagel and cream cheese lunch, cleaning up from the last night’s impulse nacho makings, and separating out the piles of keep versus trash mail.

I realized I hadn’t told my girl’s about my upcoming race.   I told them Mommy was going on a long run this weekend.  My youngest asked, “How far are you going Mama?”  I said confidently and proudly, “26 miles”.  My oldest daughter said, “Is that far?”  I said, “Yes.  Very, very, very far.  Many people never run that far….” and as the words were coming out of my mouth my eyes filled with tears.

The tears came like a wave.  A wave of overwhelm.  The wave that only comes when you are jolted into the reality that you are completely out of your element.  Out of answers.  Out of options.  Out of control.  Feeling absolutely-out.  of.  your.  mind.  (Atleast that is what everyone else keeps telling you and you are beginning to wonder if you should heed their warning.)

My thoughts, accompanied by the tears, went something like this- “I can’t believe I signed up to go this far, it is far-too far.  What was I thinking, I am NO runner!”  As much as I know God lead me to do this run, doubt was setting in.  Big Time.

Because it was only four.  days.  away.  The race was so soon I could taste the sweat mixed with disgusting tasting energy gels.  It was go time-race time.  Conflicting feelings continued on as I contemplated my soon to be fate.  Thoughts which seemed unable to coexist:

  • Excitement in participating in this new adventure-then terror for what this “new” would be like. 
  • Confidence in the training so far-then doubt to make it to the finish on race day. 
  • Content in the tampering down in miles this week-then only to know the contentment will end in days with the biggest run thus far. 
  • Dreading the distance which is ahead of me-then looking forward to the distance because this is what will be an accomplishment. 
  • Feeling I want to speed up my normal pace to get done quicker-then not wanting to go too fast and be too tired/sore to finish. 
  • A little anxious about the pain that is ahead-then a reality check that no pain means no gain. 
  • Doubting my ability and mental toughness-then standing firmly on my God’s ability to equip me for the path ahead. 
  • Curious about all the conversations I will have with God on this lengthy run-then at the same time a little nervous about the length of time to “pray and listen” with no I-pod.

After my wave of overwhelming thoughts had run its course my oldest daughter brought me a sign.  It was a sign she said she was going to hold up for me on race day.

It. was. a. brightly. colored. rainbow.

Underneath the rainbow it said, “I love you Mamy” (it was supposed to say “Mommy”, but the Kindergarten writing factor was too cute not to include it).  My tears welled up again.  This time it was not because of the “wave of overwhelm” as it had just minutes before.

Instead it was because I was reminded I was loved by my daughter.  I was reminded of the beauty of the rainbow promise that I was not alone in what lay ahead.

And the Lord so does this for us.  Every.  time.  we step out in faith.  He reminds us of His love.  He reminds us we are not alone in it.

So I am embracing the bittersweet thoughts in these next days when I think about the run.  And I will embrace the bittersweet of the actual run when race day comes.  Because I am reminded of His rainbow sign He holds for me when I feel I can’t do it anymore.  The sign of love.  Sign of strength.  Sign of hope.  Sign that He is with me.  Sign that He is faithful in keeping His promises.

You and I are exactly where we am supposed to be in saying “Yes” to Jesus-completely out. of. our. minds.-by the world’s opinion and ways.   But completely acting in. one. mind.  with our heavenly Father-which is a life of peace, joy and purpose.

So in the season we are in right now.  Let’s look to Him.  Holding up the rainbow sign for us as we run our race.   Let us rest in His intense love for us.  Joyfully persevere in our weakness.  Rely on Him for comfort and strength.  Ask Him for that next step.  And trust Him to equip us for the work He has called us to do.  Because we know He is faithful.  And He will take us to the finish line.  Victorious.

Would you join me in prayer for  “The Run Fast” this week and this Sunday as I am abstaining from personal comfort (putting my body through 5 plus hours of non stop running)?  Would you be willing to pray for God to do a work/break bondage in me, my family, friends, our country and world in regards to anxiety and addiction?  Thank you friends for you support and prayers-I am expectant for our God to bring healing and freedom on the run.





© 2012 Standing on Peace