Jun 062013

This year has been a full one for me!

And I’ve really enjoyed the chance to write regularly.  I love to write, and hope it is a big part of my future.

But right now I’m feeling a call to radical presence–presence to Jesus, to myself, to nature, to quiet, to my husband, and to my children.  I am one who flings myself far and wide with lots of initiatives and ideas.  I’m feeling a call to pull it back and recenter this upcoming year.  I need to do the challenge I proposed on the site a few weeks back–saying no.  No blog, no homeschooling, no hosting the neighborhood Bible study, no service projects, no overseas mission trips.

I know I have a call to contemplative prayer and contemplative presence.  And this past year was just too busy to respond to and deepen in that calling.  I am tired of being too busy.

So, here’s to a year of letting go and slowing down.

Somewhere down the road I look forward to writing again 🙂


Mar 082013

Well, it’s been an interesting week! My commitment to “saying no”–the challenge I posed last week–is definitely being tested!

This week I had to say no to 3 invitations that are right up my alley–things that line up with my values and passions. Things I would thoroughly enjoy and that fit with what I feel called to right now.

The first was an offer to help out at the women’s prison–buying clothes for women who are getting out of jail, and then meeting with them to give them the clothes and take them out for coffee before they get on the bus and head back out into the world. I have always wanted to be involved in prison ministry, but hadn’t found an opportunity previously.

Next I was invited to speak at the middle school

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youth group at my church. They wanted me to share about how we have nurtured community in our neighborhood, how we’ve experienced and shared the love and the life of Jesus here. Though I don’t like public speaking, there are few topics I’m more passionate about.

Then yesterday I was invited to participate in a discussion group centered on the book, “Five conversations moms should have

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with their boys.” Parenting my boys well is a huge priority right now and something I feel like I could really use some help with!

But, I said no to all these things. It was hard, but it felt good to let go of all the phone calls, logistics, babysitting, driving and preparation time all three would require.

I’ll have more time to be in God’s presence, to be with my family, and to go at a pace that leaves me a grounded center for those around me.



© 2012 Standing on Peace

Mar 012013

Real Women Challenge: Heidi from Jillian Willis on Vimeo.

I am someone who wants as much life and as much Jesus as I can get. I have big visions and high ideals. And now that i have kids, I carry around a load of values that I desperately want to pass on to them.

Living out these desires can create a fragmented life where I’m trying to “wear every pair of shoes I own at the same time.”

And then the value of presence is lost.

I need to say no more often–to activities, projects, service opportunities, etc no matter how worthy they may be.

And I need to say no to distractions more often–the digital ones are the most disruptive for me.

The goal in saying no is to make space. Space for presence. Being in the moment. Remembering to relax into what unfolds instead of pushing my plans. Having uninterrupted time to enjoy my kids deeply and leisurely. Having margin to listen–to the people I run into, to my family members, to God, to myself.

My invitation is to experiment with saying no instead of yes when opportunities arise. And to say no to the computer and phone when they beckon, beep, or blink.

See what happens in the space!

~ Heidi