Apr 182017


Yesterday I found myself contemplating, “What’s next?”  You see, it was a typical Monday.  But it was the day beyond Sunday.  The hipe and celebration of the main event on Resurrection Sunday came and went.  Don’t get me wrong, I.  Was.  Pumped. For it people.  Summing up this day in one word was “more”.  I sang with more gusto and volume on the “He is Risen” parts of the songs.  I made the rounds during the “meet and greet” and gave more hugs than usual (and if you don’t know me, this is quite an intense statement).  The stage had more.  Lights, flowers, instruments, large wooden signs and pillars.  The people were more.  Than doubled to the typical Sunday attendance.  I cried more.  As each person came up out of the baptism water a new creation in Christ.  It was a spectacular event for a spectacular King we serve.

But here I sat-beyond Sunday.  And I found myself coming up a little dry.  Coming up a tad discouraged.  Coming up with questions for what the season would hold.  The wind had been somewhat taken out of my sails.  And for Pete’s sake, it was only yesterday I had experienced my Savior’s MORE as I entered into His coming up celebration, so why was it I couldn’t come up with His joy, peace, and purpose in my now?

As I reflected in this state of aftermath, I found myself recognizing my need to keep coming back to the presence and power of the “coming up” One.  Even though I had “drank from the firehoses of spiritual highmountain highs” the day before, today was a new day to fix my eyes and remain in Jesus.  It is not a one time event which qualifies us to live in the MORE-it is a daily decision, a daily walk, a daily discipline to enter into the presence of Jesus.

My prayer for you and I today and all the day’s beyond Sunday is we would choose time in the presence of Jesus to: gain a life filled word from the Living Word, think and act with a renewed mind/perspective from the Living One, and taste of the Living water which refreshes our thirsty, weary, worn out soul.  To choose Jesus today is to choose true life, my friends, because He is “THE Way, THE truth and THE LIFE” (Jn 14:6)!

Jesus says, “If anyone is thirsty, let Him come to me and drink.  Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within Him.”  “Just as the Living Father sent me and I live because of the Father, so the One who feeds on me will live because of me.”  Jn  7:37-38; 6:57.

What do you need MORE of in this season?  Will you ask THE Provider to provide for you needs?

Have you relied too much on the “main events of faith” in your past instead of being active to “remain” in Jesus today?  Will you ask God, through His Spirit, to awaken your mind and heart to Himself in your now?

What discipline could you implement/continue to implement in order for you to encounter the Presence of Jesus beyond Sunday? 

In what way could you grow MORE in Jesus?



© 2012 Standing on Peace

Mar 012013

Real Women Challenge: Heidi from Jillian Willis on Vimeo.

I am someone who wants as much life and as much Jesus as I can get. I have big visions and high ideals. And now that i have kids, I carry around a load of values that I desperately want to pass on to them.

Living out these desires can create a fragmented life where I’m trying to “wear every pair of shoes I own at the same time.”

And then the value of presence is lost.

I need to say no more often–to activities, projects, service opportunities, etc no matter how worthy they may be.

And I need to say no to distractions more often–the digital ones are the most disruptive for me.

The goal in saying no is to make space. Space for presence. Being in the moment. Remembering to relax into what unfolds instead of pushing my plans. Having uninterrupted time to enjoy my kids deeply and leisurely. Having margin to listen–to the people I run into, to my family members, to God, to myself.

My invitation is to experiment with saying no instead of yes when opportunities arise. And to say no to the computer and phone when they beckon, beep, or blink.

See what happens in the space!

~ Heidi

Nov 082012

It was after I bought the purple skinny jeans.

I started noticing purple everywhere. It wasn’t just Maisy’s favorite color anymore; purple had taken on a life of its own.

There was Maisy in her purple outfits, entreating me to join her in her delight with being a girl. But there was more—for Maisy, all of life involves this kind of delight. Her only priority is play. She is fully present to each new moment, utterly free and spontaneous, immersed in simple joy.

Perhaps there is no gift more precious than the gift of spontaneity, the ability of certain [people] and animals to act straight and fresh and self-forgettingly out of the living center of who they are.” (Frederick Buechner)

For Maisy, purple was on the inside too…and she was drawing it out of me…out from under the grown up layers of preoccupation, plans, and perfectionism.

And then there was my therapist in his sometimes purple sweater, listening me along the precipice of my own depths. We peered over the edge, and there was purple…shimmering under layers of anxiety and worn out coping mechanisms.

Purple became a poignant symbol for me of the place inside where blue and red come together, where a well of deep feeling and deep power sloshes and gurgles. The reservoir of our truest energy.

I began to wonder, what would it look like to live all of life from these rich depths, with passion splashing?

It scared me some, because it’s wild and unpredictable down there. And somehow along the way I’ve gotten the message that it can’t be trusted.

The refining of what’s inside us is a necessary part of maturing into

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adulthood and growing in our spiritual journey. Unfortunately, this process can leave many of us pretty disconnected from our purple.

It’s easy to live from a more surface place where responsibility, expectations, and tired striving prevail. Sometimes we’re more comfortable there anyway because our deep feelings can be too tender and our own power scares us.

As mothers overwhelmed with duties and the needs of others, how can we afford to make room for what’s deep inside us?

Yet how can we afford not to? To live otherwise is like trying to drive with the engine turned off.

All the heart, strength, and instincts we really need for life and mothering are in the purple well. So is the lovely energy of our own inner three year old—the straight and fresh vulnerability and trust, the self-forgetting confidence and joy. How desperately we need that!

“You must become like little children…” (Matthew 18:3)

No doubt, accessing

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and living from this place inside will be messy and painful at times. But all the best of who we are is in there. And I believe this is the very place in us where the love and strength of God reside as well.

What is in your purple well? What feelings and longings? What impulses and gifts?



© 2012 Standing on Peace