Jun 062013

This year has been a full one for me!

And I’ve really enjoyed the chance to write regularly.  I love to write, and hope it is a big part of my future.

But right now I’m feeling a call to radical presence–presence to Jesus, to myself, to nature, to quiet, to my husband, and to my children.  I am one who flings myself far and wide with lots of initiatives and ideas.  I’m feeling a call to pull it back and recenter this upcoming year.  I need to do the challenge I proposed on the site a few weeks back–saying no.  No blog, no homeschooling, no hosting the neighborhood Bible study, no service projects, no overseas mission trips.

I know I have a call to contemplative prayer and contemplative presence.  And this past year was just too busy to respond to and deepen in that calling.  I am tired of being too busy.

So, here’s to a year of letting go and slowing down.

Somewhere down the road I look forward to writing again 🙂


Jun 052013

With mixed emotions I write this post, as my last post for Standing on Peace.

It has been a blessed journey indeed!

Being a part of Standing on Peace came at a time in my life when I needed meaningful connection with others and needed to be affirmed as a therapist. I was just starting out working with clients after several years off and an unpleasant internship experience. My confidence was low. Processing through and writing about what it means to experience a peace of mind solidified the knowledge I had gained from graduate school. For this I am forever grateful.

But alas, seasons change. As this year with Standing on Peace comes to end I began to feel tugged in too many directions. Through Bible studies this year, Heidi’s challenge and my own challenge I heard the Lord’s call to simplify. Although I am a very part time therapist my heart deeply remains at home. The Lord is calling me back. My body may have been at home but my mind was not. He is leading me to be more intentional with my time and to make choices that follow my hopes for my family.

I will continue supporting the community of Standing on Peace as a reader and will keep you in my prayers.