Jul 112014

“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” Col 3:23-24

I know we all get butterfly stomachs of exuberant joy when this word one word is on the books for the day. “Housekeeping”.

It is the inevitable job of making a home a home. But it was also biblical Martha’s downfall moment. Others give advice of “Let cobwebs lie and be with others”, but also to “practice hospitality regularly”. A conflict of my soul.

On a run my mind was flooded with how this “housekeeping” word has recently bombarded my life. #1-The looming laundry which seems to accumulate with every soccer camp, swimming lessons, and camping trip of the summer. #2-“Let’s get some housekeeping items taken care of”, says the administrator each morning and evening at my recent women’s retreat. #3-“Houskeeping”, calls a voice outside our hotel door, then a knock, knock as my husband and I call back “No, thanks” and roll over on our 1 night anniversary get away. #4-Writing on this blog to cover what seems to be only “housekeeping” items of the in’s and out’s of the Fast Run, and how to’s of participating in/training for a race.

I recognized I tend to run with a “housekeeping mindset”. Unfortunately, not only do I do the “housekeeping tasks”, but my mind is bound to them.   This “housekeeping mindset” puts me in a state of anxiousness. Frustration. Worn out. And resentful spirit.

Oh Lord, free my mind from housekeeping mindset of planning, bound to the task managing/productivity, and anxiousness to get it all done. This distracts me from You. And others. Give me Your balance of doing and being so I can be the homemaker, hospitable woman you have called me to be. I want to get good at the ministry of “housebeing”. Teach me how to sit and rest at your feet as Mary did, even while everything around me screams “clean me, and finish this project”. Because You alone usher me into a life of abundance, peace, and purpose.

The reality is certain items/jobs must be addressed in order to create safe, fun, peaceful surroundings for strangers and loved ones-but we don’t have to live here. We don’t have to live so focused on the “housekeeping” that we miss the “housebeing”.

I am ready to let the laundry lie for a moment, the “have to cover Fast Run details” to rest and be. Present. With my youngest daughter and “be the baby while she tucks me into bed”. With my husband on the phone as he is away, truly celebrating his highs and empathizing with the lows. With my writing and write out of my love for Jesus not out of the need to explain it all. With a crying woman who needs prayer, and a hug of tears.

I am in need of a re-setting of my mind to “housebeing” instead of “housekeeping”.  With an understanding that I am looking to my faithful God to determine when it is a “do the dishes time” and when it is a “let the dishes go” time.  I want to serve my God with joy no matter it be the spilled mess at hand or the park play time with my girls.  May we embark on our day today serving God and not man or our own agenda.

Because this, my Sister’s, is what we were made to do.




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Apr 082013

CONFESSION:  I AM NOT A WOMAN WHO GETS GIDDY TO SEE COBWEBS, STAINS, AND DIRT REMOVED.  I am not a woman who enjoys the thrill of buying large or small bins for everything to have its rightful place.

I just get by.

I have my daily chores in order to alleviate mold, mildew smells, accidents as a result of toys and clutter, poop stained toilets, and dishes/laundry deprivation.  I vacuum and wipe down the floors when we are having people over.

If you place one of two different words in front of the word cleaning, my brain immediately receives the signal to encounter feelings of anxiousness and procrastination.  The words are:  Deep or Spring.

Deep cleaning and spring cleaning seem like insurmountable mountains.  These are jobs for the courageous.  Jobs for the highly trained organizational experts.  Jobs for the motivated.  Or at minimum, require a buddy.

This morning I was forced into the tedious process of deciding what stays and what goes in the girls clothes and shoes.  (Many of you are feeling guilt and shame right now because you haven’t thought about or are not anywhere close to doing spring cleaning.  PLEASE, DO NOT fall into this lie and trap of Satan shaming you.  Try and be open to God’s message of grace and love through this analogy.)

How did I know it was time for spring cleaning?

  • I bought the girls new summer clothes and shoes and my stuffing technique was no longer working.  (When ALL the drawers won’t close, there is a problem.)
  • I picked up Sadie (2 years) the other day and noticed her toes were sticking out of the soul of the boots! 
  • Someone commented about the cuteness of Lucy’s (4 years) Bermuda shorts. (Unfortunately they are full length leggings.)
  • Sadie was somewhat limping and said, “Mama, I don’t like these shoes.  I need a Band-Aid.”  (Sure enough, the sandals had given her a blister because they were too small.)
  • Sadie chose 18 months sized Rudolph pj’s to sleep in.  (Not sure how these were still in her drawer!)

As much as I agonize over spring cleaning, I understand it must be done.  And as much as I hate to admit it, I absolutely appreciate the benefits of thecomfort, peace, sanity, and overall well being it brings my family and I.

In the face of spring, I couldn’t help but ask this question in regards to my spiritual well-being. What “spring cleaning” needs to occur in my spirit and soul today in order to live in wholeness?

What old “Rudolph pajama” is still in your drawer?

  • Unforgiveness of a friend or spouse
  • Excessive food/drink for comfort
  • Worry over finances
  • Fear of the future
  • Being in control instead of allowing God to lead your day
  • Allowing anger toreign and speaking unkind words to your children or husband
  • Having an attitude of discontentment with your job, church, or overall circumstances
  • Giving glory to yourself rather than to God
  • An unresolved conflict with a friend or family member
  • Looking to others for self worth instead of God
  • Not being able to say you’re sorry
  • Living to meet your needs
  • Telling lies in order to make life/relationships easier
  • An inability to love a particular family member
  • An attitude of Self righteousness or pride

Spring cleaning of the soul is a dreaded task, but is well worth it.

Getting rid of Lucy and Sadie’s old clothes allowed room for the clean, new, exciting ones.  In order to fit the “new clothes” of freedom, peace, hope, and joy that God has for us, we must get rid of the “old clothes” of sinful attitudes and hurtful behaviors which are taking up space in our “drawer”.

What specific attitude or behavior in your life is robbing you of living life to the fullest?  Of living life in wholeness and authenticity?

2 Cor 7:1 “Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.” (italics added)



© 2012 Standing on Peace