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First real thoughts (as much as they may be living not in reality, but in a fairytale):  “I am not an envious person.  I know other’s struggle with desiring what other’s have, but I have been blessed with plenty.  I have had seasons of discontentment, but in this moment, I cannot think of anything I want that someone else has.”  Quite confident right out of the gate (I am sensing pride comes before a fall…right?) I have a feeling in digging into “envy defined” and God working in me, there is more to this little word and my present heart situation than meets the eye.  This week we take on the challenge to show others the love of Jesus by not envying them.

Our #3 1 Corinthians 13 Love attribute this week is:  “LOVE DOES NOT ENVY”.

Webster’s defines the word, “Envy”, for us:
  • a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.
  • desire to have a quality, possession, or other desirable attribute belonging to (someone else)/desire for oneself (something possessed or enjoyed by another).
Friends, here are some like minded words for “envy”, to further expand our mission this week (In other words these are the DO NOT do’s for this week):

jealousy, covetousness; covet, desire, aspire to, wish for, want, long for, yearn for, hanker after, crave resentment, bitterness, discontent; the green-eyed monster;  
And to follow up with some words opposite to being envious (which is what we want to be-in other words DO these this week!):
contented, friendly, kindly, satisfied, trustful, well-disposed, undesiring

I noticed “to envy” deals with “feelings and desires” as stated in the definition, as opposed to an outward act or action.  These inward feelings are what Jesus took the Pharisee’s to town about.  “You white washed tombs!  Outside you look great, but inside you are not so good!” (Jillian’s paraphrase of Jesus’ words).  We know “man looks at the outward appearance but God looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7).  So we are dealing with a heart issue this week friends.  These are the doozies.  No one may ever know what is happening inside us, but God does.  And He is the one who counts.  Who is the ultimate judge.  Who cares about our inside character the most.

Of all the opposite’s to envy, the words, “contented and undesiring”, hit too close to home for me.  How easy is it to say I am contented where I am with job, family, house, finances, but are my complaining words telling others otherwise?  I am pretty sure “Do everything without complaining…” whether in my mind or in verbal comments will be something to tend to this week.

Of all the like minded words to envy, the words “jealousy, wish for, and the green eyes monster” were highlighted in my mind and spirit.  Pretty sure the green eyed monster rears its ugly head in my heart more than I would like to admit.  Jealousy over someone else’s joy rolls in like a flood.  This week, my prayer is that we would consider our “attitude’s of the heart”.  Allow for God to show us when the “green eyed monster” is evident and help us have contentment and “rejoice with those who rejoice” (Ro 12:15) this week.

Quotes/Verses to say NO to envy this week:




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