Apr 012013

I COULDN’T TURN MY BACK FOR A SECOND.  Lucy (age 4) and Sadie (age 2) were playing in the fountain which paralleled a 5ft deep pool.  (The issue lies in the fact Lucy and Sadie do not possess any of the following: a knowledge of how to swim, a healthy fear of the water, or life vests.)

I told the girls the rule was to stay within the dark brown circle surrounding the fountain.  Beyond this circle was the unsafe zone;  in other words, too close to the pool for mom’s comfort.

Here was the pattern as I relax in my lounge chair: 

  1. One of the girls takes a step outside the safe zone.
  2. My muscles tense from head to toe.
  3. I whip up in a second to a sitting position.
  4. I yell, “Now you know that’s past the brown circle!”
  5. I hold my breath and pray curiosity doesn’t lead them to completely rebel and canon ball into the enticing body of water.
  6. I let out an audible sigh of relief when they reenter the safety zone.
  7. I lay back down again.

This cycle must have happened over 15 times.  15 times of disobedience.  15 times of continuing to care for them and keep them safe.  The key was to never turn my back on them.  Not for a moment could I read a book.  Not for a moment could I look away to talk to someone.  My eyes were fixed on my girls.

ForsakeTo turn your back on.  To abandon.  Quit.  Leave entirely.

What if my husband leaves me?  Or my mother dies? What if when my children are grown, they move far far away?  What if my kindred spirit friend and I have a falling out because of my sinThese are my fears.  Loved ones abandoning me.  Turning their back on me.

Just like I never turned my back on my girls at the pool, our God is the ONLY one who will NEVER turn His back on us.  As believer’s in Jesus, we can have confidence in an ever present God.  Friends and family will move and pass away, but God will always be there.  No matter how many times we mess up and go outside the “safety zone”, God will be there.

As I write this post on Good Friday, I am reminded of Jesus’ death on the cross;  the crazy love act which made it so God will never forsake me.  Jesus was forsaken by God so we never have to be.  (Mt 27:46)

Come to the fountain today.  Play in freedom and grace.  Rest in the promise that He will care for you and watch over you.  No matter what difficulties surround you today,  be encouraged my sister’s with this song of hope.  Knowing not for a moment did He or will He forsake you.  He is right by your side, wherever you go.

The Lord Himself goes before you and will be with you;  He will never leave you nor forsake you.  Do not be afraid;  do not be discouraged.  Deut. 31:8




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