May 242017

fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. Heb 12:2a

 It was a Monday, which means for me my day involves clean up.  Clean up.  And maybe a little grocery shop to mix things up a bit.  So, in order to “do the do”, my 3rd born daughter has to roll.  With.  the.  flow.  But let’s be honest people, she. is.  used to it.  She attends her sister’s plays, dances and sports games until she is blue in the face.  She is the expert “take a nap here, there anywhere” girl.  I am pretty sure she kicked a soccer ball before she walked.  She has been mulled and licked ALL over by Simba (our Golden Retriever) so many times I am pretty sure she will need counseling soon.

So I take on the mound of dishes.  She undoes most of my work by pulling out the spoons and placing them on the floor.  I wash off the table, she grabs a snack in the pantry and “goes to town” as this “traveling baby” “makes her mark” in our home.  And if this wasn’t enough to make you cry a little, our dog joins in to compete for the “messiest mark award”. (And he may win my friends as I am pretty sure the amount of hair everywhere else is more than tripled the amount which is currently on his body.)  And as I double, triple back, I dread the anticipated question from my husband, “So what did you do today, honey”, because he will have to restrain my arms, legs, and mouth as I cannot say what I will do.  With these dark memories of hours prior. “The intense amount of work coupled with nothing to show for it” ones somehow take. me.  down.  And it’s not pretty.  Oh it’s not pretty.  Please tell me I am not alone.

And I digress.  Because I needed to verbally process this.  So thank you.  See, proven right here and now that writing really is therapy for the soul!  So, the Monday happened.  Along with some serious vacuuming.  You see vacuuming is my biggest talent.  Well, I shouldn’t say vacuuming alone is my talent, but vacuuming with a toddler.  Or rather vacuuming.  With a toddler.  And still keeping her alive.  Now this is where I shine.  My secret isn’t complex.  But it does involve multitasking.  My secret isn’t hard.  But it does involve concentration.  My secret doesn’t beg for hours of skilled training.  But it does require a question to be asked on a continual basis.  And now I know you all want in on the “million dollar method” of vacuuming with a toddler, so here it is.  As I vacuum and cannot see my roamer or hear my roamer, I ask myself in my mind on a regular basis, “What’s she up to?”  And then I check to see where she is.  And as I do this on a continual basis, there.  Is.  Life.  For her (and for me truthfully, but I’ll explain more on this later).  Because I am multitasking- performing the task at hand, while “fixing my mind/concentrating/making myself aware” to what my daughter is up to, I am in tune with her happenings as well as mine.  So they intersect throughout the day.  Now what I do in my day WILL change because I keep taking my focus back on her.  She leads me to go “outside for a couple minutes and play”, for example, as she pounds on the slider door, when I was initially planning to just finish that last run of dog hair filled carpet by the door.  But it. Is. My.  Job. to keep my eyes fixed on her.  Just as it is our job to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus in our day.

So how do we “spiritually multitask”, if you will?  We 1- “do the do” of whatever job, activity, chore, or personal contact is on the designated schedule. But 2- just as I was vacuuming and continued to ask the question throughout the day, “What’s she up to?”, we must ask our mind and heart on a regular basis, “What’s He up to?”  What’s His Spirit up to in this setting and then take a couple seconds to check it out!  Does anything come to mind in that moment.  Allow the Holy Spirit to speak about what He is doing and what we should change to “keep in step with the Spirit”.

So get out their my “spiritual multitasker friends” and in His Name enjoy a CHANGED, life giving day as you bravely trust in Jesus and keep connected with Him as you ask Him “What are you up to?”!







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