May 282015

Have you ever been apart of something that was so beyond you and your ideas/giftings/norm that the only explanation was God?  Well, the below story- is my testimony- to give God glory.  (Don’t let the previous rhyming lesson your desire to read on.)

Self-seeking versus Kingdom seeking moment-#3-My brother-It was another being moment with God and as I prayed through the highlight real of those in need around me, I was compelled to pray for my brother.  Sure, he could use prayer, but there were no urgent/needy requests at the surface, so I pressed into the Spirit for the specific words to pray.  I saw a picture of him leading worship at his church on Sunday.  Today was Saturday.  I prayed for his upcoming worship gathering the next day, even though this was not an uncommon thing for him to lead (since he is the worship pastor).  Then I believed I was supposed to text him to encourage him in this.  I texted,  “Praying for your anointing during your worship time tomorrow bro!”  (At this point I wasn’t exactly even sure he was leading/on a team, but responded to what I believed to be the spirit’s prompting.)  After I sent the text I looked back at that word “annointing” I used.  Curious.  I was prompted in my spirit to use this word, but this word was not in my regular wheelehouse of encouragement phrases.  But we are called to live by faith. In obedience.  To what we believe our God is asking of us.  No matter whether it feels silly, doesn’t make sense, or wouldn’t be our traditional way of speaking or acting.

Truthfully I lose track of what day it is these days because everyday my main goal (other than “being” with Jesus) is simple, “try not to throw up as much as you did the day before”.  But somehow as my mom was saying a prayer over our breakfast, it popped into my head that today was Sunday.  Then immediately after this Einstein realization the same picture of my brother leading worship filled my mind.  I felt compelled to pray again for his worship time.  So I did the “add on prayer” after my mom was done (don’t judge me, I know I am not alone in this!) in a quick asking of the Lord to bless my brother’s worship time this morning.

The next day it was evident why I had had the promptings to pray for my brother.  My brother called in pure excitement.  He had lead worship like any other Sunday.  But this Sunday was different.  A guest speaker asked if he could speak a word he believed the Lord had for the “piano player”, my brother.  The speaker said he was “annointed” by God to play music for many, many people.  In a time when my brother is at a crossroads, the prayers, text, prompting to use the word “annointing”, speaker’s word played into my brother feeling affirmed, loved, and led down the path God has for him.  Wow.  I am amazed.  How God would love me enough to let my sick self play a part in His heart for my brother.  What an honor.  To pray with Kingdom thoughts other than our own.  To act on Kingdom promptings.  To be with the Kingdom Maker.  To experience the joy of participating in and witnessing Kingdom miracles.

Oh Lord, may my self needs and ambitions die today.  May your will be done here as it is in heaven.  May I seek You.  First.  Thank you for the gift of simply being in your presence.  May your agenda, ways, words, thoughts, attitude, character and Kingdom be first on my to do list.  Today. 

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.  Matthew 6:33

What thing, activity, or person(s) are trumping seeking God’s Kingdom/will in your day today?



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