May 252015

Do you sometimes get caught up in thinking your doing for God is what counts?  Does the being with God and loving/seeking His presence become simply a “side effect” of the primary mission to do for Him?  When all is stripped away.  All our spiritual giftings.  Good outreach services.  Times of praying and counseling others to Jesus.  Times of giving to those in need.  When ALL THE GOOD we have done and are doing is taken away.  Will our foundation still be rooted in loving God?  And are we okay with this being enough?  This question of “am I enough for you God?” is what the Lord has been answering for me today.  (A quick peak ahead to His answer to this question for each of us, His children, it’s always “Yes”.)

Self-seeking versus Kingdom seeking moment-#2-Serving by being This morning verse about the lilies of the field (Matthew 6:28) which are made by God and bringing glory to Him by simply “being”.  We are not of value to God by what we “do” for Him, we are of value to Him simply because we are His children.  Our primary job is to stay connected to Him.  Yep.  That’s it my friends.   And in a season of feeling incapable to perform any typical household/job/motherly duties, being homebound in pajama’s all day and with seemingly all spiritual giftings on the shelf, this truth from God’s word was LIFE to me.  As I did what I could do-be.  with.  my.  Father- I felt the Lord nudge me, saying, As you stay connected to me, you can pray for those I lay on your heart.  This was a new mission for me.  One in which I gladly took on, for a way to get beyond my “self”.

Later that day, I was reading through the chapter in Ephesians that included the “verse of the day” on my fabulous Bible Gateway phone app (I love this because I can read a scripture in multiple versions and have my bible with me wherever I go).  Many of the verses were lifegiving for me, but one took me completely off guard.  And I got giddy.  Because it was Holy Spirit birthed.  My brother’s name blinked on and off in my mind like one of those florescent Vacancy hotel signs as I was compelled to read and re read, and re read this particular verse.  My mission was clear-pray for my brother and extend to Him this lifegiving verse I believe God had for him.  Wow.  Praise God.  Prayer actually changes things.  Don’t ever by into Satan’s lie (one that I had begun to entertain) that “You are only useful to God when you are at full health, full energy, full spiritual ability.  Praying is just for those on the sidelines.”

My friends, we have bought into Satan’s lies that to be busy for God is to be with God.  We need more people to lean into loving God rather than loving the work for God.  We need more people to confidently step into the game in which praying without ceasing means winning the game.  We need more people to find deep rooted trust in God even when life’s circumstances are a mess.   We need more people to grasp in their entire being the TRUTH which is this-To receive true joy, freedom, peace and purpose in life is to focus on one mission- Being.  With.  God.

Let’s be with God today.  For that purpose alone.  Let’s allow Him to love our tattered, worn, people pleasing, control seeking selves.  Let’s allow Him to renew our minds with His perspective and refreshed, rest filled balm.  And as He does this, let’s throw our arms around Him in love.

Observe how the lilies of the field grow; they do not toil nor do they spin… Matthew 6:28b

What would you have to change in your life in order for “being with God” to take priority?




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