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The Bible study I attend is walking through the study, “A Clearing Season“, by Sarah Parsons.  She encourages you to spend time in your personal wilderness to discover what might need changing for the season of Lent.  What you might let go or start to participate in.  Sarah does a wonderful job of reminding you that Lent is not a time for self-deprivation, but rather a time of reflection.

In honor of Lent I decided I would limit my Facebook time.  Knowing myself well, I knew I would cave in if I decided to quit completely, so I decided to limit my “attendance”, as I called it. Through this process, God opened my eyes!  Not only to how much time I was wasting on the computer when there was a pause in the day but to other distractions in my life.

I found this “extra” time I had was spent with my family or used to do something productive. This in itself is a great break through, however the Lord took me deeper and continues to do so.

Through this process all the distractions in my life have become clear. It is almost as if a big flashing sign has been turned on!

What do I mean by distractions?

My distractions consist of computer time, commitments outside the home, hobbies, groups I am a part of, things I want to do and things I need to do.

None of the above listed items are inherently bad.  It is that I have too many of them.  By having too many, I am distracting myself and robing myself of the opportunity to live the life I long for.

I have a dream of what I want my life to look like.  Most importantly, I have a dream of what I want my home environment to be for my girls.  As a perfectionist, I have learned to hold this dream loosely, however I do not want to lose my vision completely because of all my distractions.

My dream involves time. Time to be present. Time to be creative. Time to be home. Time to be together.

With too many distractions, time almost becomes extinct.

I encourage you to take 10 to 15 minutes to sit.

Allow your mind to wonder. Breath deeply. And take note of what distractions, worries, stresses come to mind.

Make a physical list.

What distractions have you unearthed?






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