Jan 242014

Nothing like writing a blog post in an airport.  I am having to use all my self control to not look up at the ding dings, coughs, baby screams, and loud speaker announcements.  It also goes against everything in me to not people watch (As I write this I look up to see a power walker smile as he passes me wearing a red, white and blue  oversized eagle tie.  Such strange people, right?).  As I am surrounded by strange, I believe this is only a small taste of the strange I will encounter this year.  Here’s how my 2014 began:

I was on my way to lead worship at our Sunday morning service when a squirrel ran in front of my car.  I did the humane thing and swerved while also trying not to kill myself and other drivers on the road.  It was as if the squirrel was taunting me saying, “Take my life!”  Strange.

I had to drive back to my house to pick up the fam after the 1st worship service.  In the three minute drive, two squirrels darted in front of my car with the same suicide mission of “Take my life!”  I also missed them.  Barely.  Strange.

On my third three minute drive of the morning, with my whole family in tow, no joke, three squirrels darted in front of the car.  My husband thought it was fairly normal, I knew this was too strange to not think about again.

Later in the week on one of my alone time/God time runs I asked God, “So what was with the squirrels? That was pretty strange.”  I felt the Lord impress upon me that this was going to be a strange year.  A year of continuing to submit to His will over my control and comfort.  A year of saying, “Take my life!”  Over and over again when my need to have things my way gets in the way of His way.

So I have dubbed this year, 2014, “The year of the Squirrel”.  Ready to embrace the strange the Lord brings my way.  Ready to be pushed out of my comfort zone for the sake of the Kingdom.  To say, “Take my life”, as I run in front of all obstacles.  To accept that others will not agree and look at me funny as I respond to the Lord in obedience.  I wonder if you will join me in praying for this upcoming year:

“Lord, take my life and let it be ALL for you.  May you expand my territory.  Give me a humble, servant heart.  Use my giftings for your glory.  Give me courage as I respond in obedience to the “strange” you bring my way.  And not let what other people will think drive my actions.  Confirm your leading as I dig into your Word of life.  Fill me with your spirit which is not about timidity, but power, love and self discipline.  Grow me in love for you and others today.  Tomorrow.  And in this, “year of the squirrel”.”

Philippians 1:21-25 “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain…”





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